Klassik 2018



Pinot Gris places high demands on soil, location and climate, and yet hardly anyone else is as accessible and grateful for all tastes. With its pale yellow color and its aromas of candied fruit and honey, a floral fragrance accompanies this well-balanced wine. It sits tightly and closely on the palate.

This is a quality wine, dry, from southern Styria with 13% vol. alcohol, lovingly bottled in a 0.75 l bottle.

The Südsteiermark wine region is characterized by a steep hilly landscape and a pronounced Illyrian climate. The grapes grown under these climatic and topographical conditions make it possible to vinify fine-fruity and profound wines.

Culinary recommendation:
Pinot Gris is considered a specialty. It is well suited as an aperitif, but is also a universal companion and goes well with meat, fish and seafood, cheese and desserts. You just have to like it.

 8,90 incl. VAT