DAC 2019



With its light red iridescent color and its fresh aromas of strawberry, raspberry and a hint of red currant, a striking acid structure underpins the liveliness of this classically developed Schilcher.

This is a quality wine, dry, from West Styria with 11.0% vol. alcohol, lovingly bottled in a 0.75 l bottle

The wine region “Weststeiermark”, home of the Blauer Wildbacher vine, lies on the slopes and foothills of the Koralpe. The harsh climate enables lean, extremely aroma-intensive wines to be produced.

Culinary recommendation:
The Schilcher should always be drunk young, because only then will its fruitiness, liveliness and the lively acidity typical of this type of wine really come into its own.
Goes perfectly with a hearty snack.

 7,40 incl. VAT