DAC 2019



The all-rounder, which gives pleasure at every moment, has a nice quince and pear aroma with a hint of honeydew melon. In addition, there is a velvety – soft palate with a fine citrus note.

This is a quality wine, dry, from the volcanic region of Styria with 12.5% ​​vol. Alcohol, lovingly bottled in a 0.75 l bottle.

The Vulkanland Steiermark wine region is characterized by gentle hilly landscapes and a mild, Illyrian climate. The grapes grown under these climatic and topographical conditions produce full-bodied and smooth wines.

Culinary recommendation:
Pinot Blanc is particularly served with light dishes, but also with Thai, poultry or noodles.
It goes with almost everything, a real all-rounder.

 8,20 incl. VAT