The „Vulkanland Steiermark" wine-growing region is characterised by rolling hills and a mild, Illyrian climate. The grapes grown under these climatic and topographical conditions produce full-bodied and smooth wines. The special features of the wine-growing region „Südsteiermark" are the steep slopes and the varied soil conditions which allow a wide range of varieties. Although it is the smallest wine-growing region in terms of area, „Weststeiermark" is a very special jewel. The combination of soil conditions and climate make the wines from this region something special, it is also the only wine-growing region in which one can produce the Schilcher with its protected designation of origin.

Selected wine pleasure from the most outstanding wine-growing regions of Styria A palatal treat that stands for hand-picked drinking pleasure, which puts the characterically pronounced terroir in the foreground. The respective variety is ideally adapted to the climate and soil of the respective region of Styria. A least five-year-old vines are carefully pressed and processed in our house. The wine is matured in barriques depending on its usefulness - however, we usually enjoy using „wood" more as this keeps the fine-fruity aromas in the foreground. An excellent drinking pleasure that is ideal for immediate consumption or prolonged storage.